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Dear Coach, 

I wanted to thank you for helping me become a better soccer player and for making sure that I kept on trying my best, stayed focus and had fun. You were tough on us, but I am glad. It helped me play better than I did before. 

Thank you for dedicating the time. See you next practice. 

Thank you, Kaiden B

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Waukesha United Soccer Club,

I have 2 boys-15 and 10. They both enjoy soccer, but when my oldest was younger, the only soccer program was park and rec or SCWaukesha. I know that they are both good enough to play for SCWaukesha, but there was no way I could afford to sign them up. There fees are ridiculous and it’s not right that they should be denied an opportunity to play competitively in league ball because I can’t afford it. I’m thankful that I have found this program, it’s giving my youngest boy a great opportunity!!

Thank you WUSC!!!

Amanda P

My name is Allan M. My family is from Mexico and Puerto Rico. I enjoyed playing at Waukesha United because the team offers other players the opportunity to play without such a high cost, such as other teams. I also enjoy playing at Waukesha United because the coach is extremely nice and has a lot of expertise in the sport and knows the proper drills to help other players excel at the game. He also teaches us the proper stretches to avoid injuries. I would like to return to the team in the future, but the team would need more players to play in my age group (U15). I hope the team grows for more opportunities.          

            Thank you for your time, Allan M.

Mi nombre es Allan M. Mi familia es de Mexico y Puerto Rico. Yo disfrute jugar con Waukesha United porque el equipo  ofrece a los jugadores oportunidad de jugar no a un alto costo, como otros equipos. También  disfrute jugando en Waukesha United porque el entrenador es muy bueno y amable. El entrenador tiene mucha práctica en el deporte y sabe  los ejercicios adecuados  que ayudan a los jugadores a evitar lesiones. Me gustaría regresar al equipo en el futuro, pero el equipo tiene que conseguir más jugadores para jugar en equipo de mi edad. Espero que el equipo siga creciendo y podamos tener más oportunidades.  

Gracias por su tiempo, Allan M

Dear Coach Ingrid,

You have been such an amazing influence on my son this season. He was hesitant about trying soccer, but I am so glad he did. You have helped him to grow both as a player and in his overall level of confidence. 

Your sincere concern for each of your players is shown every practice and game.

Sincerely,  Keone B

Why I enjoy my soccer team: “I enjoyed my soccer team because the teams quality. For an example, how much we grow as a team and our performance of skills. I also enjoy my team because of how we can cooperate with each other. The coach is good because he helps us if we’re hurt. He does a really great job on teaching us how to stretch before the game so we don’t get injured. If we’re losing, he does a really good job motivating us.”- Addrian M

Por que disfrute  mi equipo de futbol: Yo disfrute mi equipo de futbol por la calidad del equipo. Por ejemplo, como nosotros crecimos como equipo  y como crecieron nuestras destrezas  de desempeño. El entrenador es muy bueno porque nos ayuda si nos lesionamos. El entrenador hace un excelente trabajo en enseñarnos como hacer el calentamiento antes d e un juego sin lesionarnos. También si estamos perdiendo, el entrenador hace un excelente trabajo para motivarnos. - Addrian M

Did you know? We are

Wisconsin United SC

aka Waukesha United SC

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